Crisis of Burning Out at Workplaces

The modern approach towards employee relations has leaned more towards use and dump as opposed to the preservation and development of the workforce with a view of long term utility. The above approach towards employee relations can be used to explain the crisis of burning out at workplace.

Organizations are only concerned with the maintenance of the bare minimum as far as preservation of the quality of their working relations is concerned. As a result, the workers have a content feeling of burn out. Organizations have not done enough to manage the crisis of burning out at workplace.

Dangers of the crisis of burning out at workplace have not necessarily been grappled by the top management. Instead do viewing the employees are resources that are supposed to be cultivated with the long term and strategic impact in mind, the modern companies are focusing on deriving the most out of their employees. Often, companies have structured work calling for repetitive tasks while allowing the workers the least amount of flexibility.

Common thinking among corporate cycles is that disruption of work may have an impact on the productivity. Hence, workers are supposed to check in and punch their time cards meet deadlines despite the lack of work and life balance. Due to this approach, workers have a perception towards work that they are only supposed to push the wheel and not have an agro effect. There is a consequent lack of morale among workers. These factors have an impact on the overall crisis of burning out at workplace.

The crisis of burning out at workplace can be traced to the human resource decisions assumed by an organization. One such decision relates to hiring. Companies are more focused on hiring new workers as opposed to retaining their experienced ones. The long term value of expertise is traded off with the low cost of new and temporary hires. This trend has resulted in a reluctant attempt to make the working environment friendly enough for the existing workers.

As a result, workers are never happy in their workplace. The search for greener pastures has become a second job for most workers even for the ones who are paid above the average income level for their respective industry. (This can be testing to a person’s mentality hence why we advice looking at This aspect means that the trend of taking in new workers and releasing them into the environment is bound to increase at all times. It also means that the reluctance towards improvement of the overall working conditions will persist going into the future.

Human resource management has to take control of the issue of employee burn out. However, there are some limiting factors to the overall effectiveness in discharging this duty. For instance, the human resource department is engaged in handling the repetitive administrative tasks that could be effectively handled using enterprise resource management software.

The attention wasted on the repetitive administrative tasks could have been otherwise redirected to handling of the strategic human resource decisions such as the reduction of overall rates of burn out. Realignment of the human resource management strategy is called for in for the crisis of burning out at workplace to be addressed satisfactorily.

Artists Coming Together To Make The World A Better Place

Singers, songwriters and musicians, world renown, have been making an impact on reducing poverty. Why not? Their popularity has been based on global adulation with fans falling over themselves to buy albums, watch their DVDs and wear their merchandise. These globe-trotting sensations have also proven their deep compassion for the development of human kind by focussing on poverty in some of the poorest countries on our planet.


Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure lead singers of The Boomtown Rats and Ultravox, respectively, famously joined forces to produce one of the most successful campaigns highlighting poverty across Africa. They enlisted the support of Bono, lead singer of U2, and collectively they brought together popular artists, covering diverse music genres, drawing in a global audience for the Live Aid concert, that started with the release of the single ‘Feed The World’ by Band Aid.

Whilst philanthropy was not new to artists, the trio’s efforts were the catalyst for a range of fundraising activities, such as events, setting up foundations, building schools and communities. What this strong partnership set about was a philosophy of empowering impoverished people to find self-help solutions to their predicaments.

For example, the Live Aid work supported creating wells at local community levels, cultivating the land such that water was available to feed crops. The aim was to reduce poverty permanently, by enabling communities to adopt the self-help ethos away from being victims. The funding enabled farmers to develop long-term solutions, improve farming techniques and access local markets.

This new approach to reducing deprivation through self-help for communities has been promoted through philanthropic activities of other popular artists world-wide.

Shakira, Colombian singer, songwriter and record producer set up the Pies Descalzos Foundation, which means the Bare Feet Foundation, to improve education opportunities for poor children. It owns five schools in Colombia educating and feeding 4,000 children at any one time. Shakira holds the position of UNICEF Ambassador, using her celebrity status to draw attention to child poverty (checkout to get to this status). The focus of her work as the founder of Pies Descalzos Foundation and as an Ambassador, is to provide opportunities, such as education, so that children will broaden their minds, intelligence and develop a self-help attitude and achieve upward social mobility.

Artists have come together for other campaigns, notably Water Now, a celebration of of UN World Water Day, aiming to supply clean water for communities in developing countries, so that they may develop local infrastructures of food production, produce goods that can be traded and build sustainable local economies. Water Now is supported by artists such as 5 Seconds, of Summer, Adam Levine, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, lady Gag, Meghan Trainor and Pharrell Williams.

What all of these artists do for our society, is not just the raising of funds, but they bring awareness of global issues to their fans who will, hopefully go on to support self-help programs for the future.

Can Earth Hour Actually Save the Environment?

Every year, people have to turn off their lights for one hour as a celebration of the Earth Hour. The purpose of the celebration is for people to show their care for the earth’s future. From 8:30 to 9:30 pm, people have to switch all of their non-essential lights for one hour. Communities and businesses can do this as well. Many people know about this celebration and they try to contribute to the environment with this cause. But, can Earth Hour actually save the environment?

The celebration began in 2007 in Australia and now it is held in more than 170 countries worldwide. Despite the popularity of the event, there are critics of this practice. They say that, just like in many other cases, people tend to do what everybody else is doing without even bothering to do some research. There are people who are skeptic about the results, but the truth is the event is more like a symbolic thing meant to raise the awareness of people about climate change caused by carbon emissions. At least this is what the organizers have to say.

Even if the artificial lights can be replaced with candles, many people don’t know that candles use fossil fuel. Candles are also a hundred times less efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Because of this, the large number of candles required to produce the same amount of energy as light bulbs will eventually generate more carbon emissions. In other words, if everyone would use candles instead of light bulbs during the Earth Hour, the purpose of the event itself would be ruined. It would be better to replace incandescent bulbs with their equivalent.

The official goal of Earth Hour is not to save energy. The organizer of the event is the World Wildlife Fund and you can find the right explanations on the official website of the organizer. It is obvious that the event is not meant for energy saving, because it last only one hour during the whole year. Even if energy would be saved, the amount would be so small that it won’t even matter. This information can be found right on the site. The World Wildlife Fund doesn’t keep track of energy consumption or the carbon emissions just because of the fact that there is no interest in these aspects, or at least not in the sense that people may believe.

WWF doesn’t want people to stop using modern technology. This is the reason for which only non-essential lighting is turned off. The idea of the event is to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and the fact that some people use more energy than they actually need. According to studies, the average American consumes double the amount of energy consumed by the average European for obtaining the same quality of life. This is the problem that the event refers to, but in a symbolic way.

The video above shows some marvellous footage/photos captured around the world. To learn cool effects you can create with your own pictures, check out Evan Sharboneau’s course. But is trick photography and special effects a scam? See their review here.

People who don’t know the true meaning of Earth Hour may become really disappointed when they found out about it. Not only that the event doesn’t do anything related to helping the environment in a direct way, but it can generate even more carbon emissions. With all this being said, it doesn’t mean that Earth Hour is not a good thing. It just means that it isn’t useful in the way that many people think it is.

Can We Bounce Back?

end of the world

I do believe in the urgency of Earth’s current predicament. But I am also an optimist for the long term. What needs to be examined is the nature of this urgency. Those that say man made pollution could destroy the earth so thoroughly that no one could ever live here again just don’t know the facts.

In the long term I am sure that the Earth will be fine, in our planet’s four billion year geologic history there have been many epochs of devastation and the earth always bounced back. Comets have reigned down in the path turning our planet into a cinderblock yet flowers did bloom once again through the radioactive dust.

The key phrases to think about here is short term survivability compared to long term survivability. Because I have no doubt that the Earth can survive and eventually overcome this current climate change crisis. The question is can we? Because all the the Earth has come back from the brink of oblivion already on numerous occasions. There are whole species of life forms that were not so lucky.

In major periods of the earth there were catastrophes that led to mass extinctions. Even worse than the dinosaurs dying out there was an event in the Cambrian epoch that wiped out 99% of the life on the entire planet. I’m not sure what the scientists are counting as the surviving life form, maybe just microbes? But the point is, not to worry about the survivability of the earth, a planet like earth can survive, we need to worry about the possibility of our own extinction on this planet.

We have to keep in mind that a planet is at its core a giant organic rock and things can grow and produce an atmosphere and water can fall and create oceans. Most scientists even agree that the red rock of Mars once had all of these things. So a planet can rise and fall, but once our civilization is wiped out it is gone for good.

So it would do us all good this Earth Day to remember that we are the stewards of this planet and that is a job that depends on us. And unlike the picture of the Earth as a hapless victim at the whim of man it is really the other way around. Because although we currently got the job of stewards of this planet the Earth can fire us and remove us at any time, we are hired on here just as a provisional basis.

And if we fail at our job, it doesn’t matter, we will be long dead and gone but the Earth will still be here to create and produce new life forms to take our place. So if you don’t want some future mutated version of a walking cock roach to take your job as protector of the earth then you need to take it seriously and take a stand right now! A little bit of humor there of course. But this is the basic situation we have being played out. Man always views himself as the center of everything but he is not. And by ruining our current environment that is perfect for us in every way, we are only hurting ourselves.

But it’s not too late. There are measures that each and every one of us can take. We need to sacrifice some of our convenience for perseverance. If we just took some basic measures we could counteract what damage is already done and bring our civilization back from the brink of destruction. Instead of living in our own isolated bubble we need to be cognizant of our footprint and how we can clean up after it.

For starters we need to stop driving gas guzzling Sub Utility Vehicles’ and then we need to stop making synthetic junk that is ruining our water supply and adding to climate change. We need to rein in these outrageous C02 levels and we need to make sure that our footprint does not detrimentally impact our ecosystem. If we all take these steps we can rest assured that we will be around for millennia to come.

Earth Day

I love Earth Day. In fact people are completely shocked when I tell them it is my favorite time of year! What is your favorite holiday they ask me and they think maybe I will say, “Christmas” or “Thanksgiving” nope I tell them , “Earth Day” and recently I saw a video on you tube that perfectly illustrates why.

This was quite a refreshing piece and it demonstrated exactly the spirit and theme of what “Earth Day” is all about. This video that consisted of a simple voice over narration and whiteboards with magic marker demonstrated that actors and big shot Hollywood production companies are not needed to spread awareness of our planet’s peril.

As I have been saying for quite a while now to change the world we have to start with our self. And the creator of this video demonstrated beautifully how you could speak volumes about the ramifications of climate change and more importantly the steps that every individual needs to make to change it. Because as this video so beautifully states it is not too late to change and even with the use of voice over and magic markers we can make our start.

Human beings; the stewards of this earth have to take it upon ourselves to stop destroying this planet. Our mother earth can’t do it all on her own and its time for us to clean up our room

And as we wind our path to a solution we may find that just like this video, the answer to our problems will be simple and straight forward. We just have to be willing to accept it. This was very inspiring for me to see and I hope that it will be an inspiration for you as we think about saving our planet during Earth Day 2015.

Global Warming or A New Ice Age?

climate change

With frequent talk during the past few winters of polar vortexes and new mini ice ages there have been a lot of people who have fallen out of the ranks. It seems now that a lot of people who had previously championed the cause of global warming have, pun intended; gotten cold feet.

It seems that our past couple of ultra cold months have worked up a lot of confusion in the realm of climate change. I myself am not immune to the pull of this influence. I even recall making a joke about it during last winter when I went outside in December to start my car one morning. It was truly a mess with snow piling up and so in the 40 below zero arctic like weather I looked over to my wife and as she shivered I asked her, “Honey couldn’t we use a little Global Warming right now? Just a little bit maybe?”

But I had to chide myself, because it is really not that funny and we can not let these bizarre cold snaps divert our attention from the indisputable evidence that this world is warming. The average temperature is continually going up every single year. These are undisputed facts. And as this temperature rises the ice caps are melting.

If you do a little research you will find that global warming is responsible for the extreme temperature drop during the winter. I know this may seem like an obvious contradiction But the research data is there that explains that an excessive melting away of the ice caps which in turn dumps huge amounts of cold water into the ocean creates a much colder arctic current of air that in turn blasts us to the bone with these horribly cold winters.

So even though it may sound strange at first, this is the clear evidence that points to global warming as the cause of our extremely cold winters. Some have taken this seemingly proactive mechanism of the earth to actually mean that the earth by dumping cold water and dropping cold arctic air is counteracting global warming and healing itself. While it may seem neat to think of the earth as consciously healing and fixing its own problems and a convenient way to get humanity off the hook of planetary responsibility, this is not what is being played out.

I believe the truth is that with these wild extremes we now see from the earth is more evidence of the downward spiral and we should not mistake it for otherwise. Frantic state to reverse what may be impossible to overcome. Yes it could be a basic form of homeostasis that the earth takes on itself; similar to a person developing a fever when they are freezing, but having colder than normal winters is by no means enough to counteract the continually overall rising temperature of the Earth.

Of course the earth’s environmental systems are trying to naturally counteract what is happening on their own. But it can’t cope and keep up with the current expenditure of C02. And the fever that the earth has contracted is deadly and instead of helping it come out of it, it is only pulling it further and further into its death throes.

As cold as these winters are they can’t last forever, and soon the winters will turn mild and the summers even hotter, before that happens we have to drastically reduce our footprint, we have to get rid of these outrageous C02 levels and we have to save the earth.