Can Earth Hour Actually Save the Environment?

Every year, people have to turn off their lights for one hour as a celebration of the Earth Hour. The purpose of the celebration is for people to show their care for the earth’s future. From 8:30 to 9:30 pm, people have to switch all of their non-essential lights for one hour. Communities and businesses can do this as well. Many people know about this celebration and they try to contribute to the environment with this cause. But, can Earth Hour actually save the environment?

The celebration began in 2007 in Australia and now it is held in more than 170 countries worldwide. Despite the popularity of the event, there are critics of this practice. They say that, just like in many other cases, people tend to do what everybody else is doing without even bothering to do some research. There are people who are skeptic about the results, but the truth is the event is more like a symbolic thing meant to raise the awareness of people about climate change caused by carbon emissions. At least this is what the organizers have to say.

Even if the artificial lights can be replaced with candles, many people don’t know that candles use fossil fuel. Candles are also a hundred times less efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Because of this, the large number of candles required to produce the same amount of energy as light bulbs will eventually generate more carbon emissions. In other words, if everyone would use candles instead of light bulbs during the Earth Hour, the purpose of the event itself would be ruined. It would be better to replace incandescent bulbs with their equivalent.

The official goal of Earth Hour is not to save energy. The organizer of the event is the World Wildlife Fund and you can find the right explanations on the official website of the organizer. It is obvious that the event is not meant for energy saving, because it last only one hour during the whole year. Even if energy would be saved, the amount would be so small that it won’t even matter. This information can be found right on the site. The World Wildlife Fund doesn’t keep track of energy consumption or the carbon emissions just because of the fact that there is no interest in these aspects, or at least not in the sense that people may believe.

WWF doesn’t want people to stop using modern technology. This is the reason for which only non-essential lighting is turned off. The idea of the event is to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and the fact that some people use more energy than they actually need. According to studies, the average American consumes double the amount of energy consumed by the average European for obtaining the same quality of life. This is the problem that the event refers to, but in a symbolic way.

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People who don’t know the true meaning of Earth Hour may become really disappointed when they found out about it. Not only that the event doesn’t do anything related to helping the environment in a direct way, but it can generate even more carbon emissions. With all this being said, it doesn’t mean that Earth Hour is not a good thing. It just means that it isn’t useful in the way that many people think it is.