Can We Bounce Back?

end of the world

I do believe in the urgency of Earth’s current predicament. But I am also an optimist for the long term. What needs to be examined is the nature of this urgency. Those that say man made pollution could destroy the earth so thoroughly that no one could ever live here again just don’t know the facts.

In the long term I am sure that the Earth will be fine, in our planet’s four billion year geologic history there have been many epochs of devastation and the earth always bounced back. Comets have reigned down in the path turning our planet into a cinderblock yet flowers did bloom once again through the radioactive dust.

The key phrases to think about here is short term survivability compared to long term survivability. Because I have no doubt that the Earth can survive and eventually overcome this current climate change crisis. The question is can we? Because all the the Earth has come back from the brink of oblivion already on numerous occasions. There are whole species of life forms that were not so lucky.

In major periods of the earth there were catastrophes that led to mass extinctions. Even worse than the dinosaurs dying out there was an event in the Cambrian epoch that wiped out 99% of the life on the entire planet. I’m not sure what the scientists are counting as the surviving life form, maybe just microbes? But the point is, not to worry about the survivability of the earth, a planet like earth can survive, we need to worry about the possibility of our own extinction on this planet.

We have to keep in mind that a planet is at its core a giant organic rock and things can grow and produce an atmosphere and water can fall and create oceans. Most scientists even agree that the red rock of Mars once had all of these things. So a planet can rise and fall, but once our civilization is wiped out it is gone for good.

So it would do us all good this Earth Day to remember that we are the stewards of this planet and that is a job that depends on us. And unlike the picture of the Earth as a hapless victim at the whim of man it is really the other way around. Because although we currently got the job of stewards of this planet the Earth can fire us and remove us at any time, we are hired on here just as a provisional basis.

And if we fail at our job, it doesn’t matter, we will be long dead and gone but the Earth will still be here to create and produce new life forms to take our place. So if you don’t want some future mutated version of a walking cock roach to take your job as protector of the earth then you need to take it seriously and take a stand right now! A little bit of humor there of course. But this is the basic situation we have being played out. Man always views himself as the center of everything but he is not. And by ruining our current environment that is perfect for us in every way, we are only hurting ourselves.

But it’s not too late. There are measures that each and every one of us can take. We need to sacrifice some of our convenience for perseverance. If we just took some basic measures we could counteract what damage is already done and bring our civilization back from the brink of destruction. Instead of living in our own isolated bubble we need to be cognizant of our footprint and how we can clean up after it.

For starters we need to stop driving gas guzzling Sub Utility Vehicles’ and then we need to stop making synthetic junk that is ruining our water supply and adding to climate change. We need to rein in these outrageous C02 levels and we need to make sure that our footprint does not detrimentally impact our ecosystem. If we all take these steps we can rest assured that we will be around for millennia to come.