Earth Day

I love Earth Day. In fact people are completely shocked when I tell them it is my favorite time of year! What is your favorite holiday they ask me and they think maybe I will say, “Christmas” or “Thanksgiving” nope I tell them , “Earth Day” and recently I saw a video on you tube that perfectly illustrates why.

This was quite a refreshing piece and it demonstrated exactly the spirit and theme of what “Earth Day” is all about. This video that consisted of a simple voice over narration and whiteboards with magic marker demonstrated that actors and big shot Hollywood production companies are not needed to spread awareness of our planet’s peril.

As I have been saying for quite a while now to change the world we have to start with our self. And the creator of this video demonstrated beautifully how you could speak volumes about the ramifications of climate change and more importantly the steps that every individual needs to make to change it. Because as this video so beautifully states it is not too late to change and even with the use of voice over and magic markers we can make our start.

Human beings; the stewards of this earth have to take it upon ourselves to stop destroying this planet. Our mother earth can’t do it all on her own and its time for us to clean up our room

And as we wind our path to a solution we may find that just like this video, the answer to our problems will be simple and straight forward. We just have to be willing to accept it. This was very inspiring for me to see and I hope that it will be an inspiration for you as we think about saving our planet during Earth Day 2015.