Global Warming or A New Ice Age?

climate change

With frequent talk during the past few winters of polar vortexes and new mini ice ages there have been a lot of people who have fallen out of the ranks. It seems now that a lot of people who had previously championed the cause of global warming have, pun intended; gotten cold feet.

It seems that our past couple of ultra cold months have worked up a lot of confusion in the realm of climate change. I myself am not immune to the pull of this influence. I even recall making a joke about it during last winter when I went outside in December to start my car one morning. It was truly a mess with snow piling up and so in the 40 below zero arctic like weather I looked over to my wife and as she shivered I asked her, “Honey couldn’t we use a little Global Warming right now? Just a little bit maybe?”

But I had to chide myself, because it is really not that funny and we can not let these bizarre cold snaps divert our attention from the indisputable evidence that this world is warming. The average temperature is continually going up every single year. These are undisputed facts. And as this temperature rises the ice caps are melting.

If you do a little research you will find that global warming is responsible for the extreme temperature drop during the winter. I know this may seem like an obvious contradiction But the research data is there that explains that an excessive melting away of the ice caps which in turn dumps huge amounts of cold water into the ocean creates a much colder arctic current of air that in turn blasts us to the bone with these horribly cold winters.

So even though it may sound strange at first, this is the clear evidence that points to global warming as the cause of our extremely cold winters. Some have taken this seemingly proactive mechanism of the earth to actually mean that the earth by dumping cold water and dropping cold arctic air is counteracting global warming and healing itself. While it may seem neat to think of the earth as consciously healing and fixing its own problems and a convenient way to get humanity off the hook of planetary responsibility, this is not what is being played out.

I believe the truth is that with these wild extremes we now see from the earth is more evidence of the downward spiral and we should not mistake it for otherwise. Frantic state to reverse what may be impossible to overcome. Yes it could be a basic form of homeostasis that the earth takes on itself; similar to a person developing a fever when they are freezing, but having colder than normal winters is by no means enough to counteract the continually overall rising temperature of the Earth.

Of course the earth’s environmental systems are trying to naturally counteract what is happening on their own. But it can’t cope and keep up with the current expenditure of C02. And the fever that the earth has contracted is deadly and instead of helping it come out of it, it is only pulling it further and further into its death throes.

As cold as these winters are they can’t last forever, and soon the winters will turn mild and the summers even hotter, before that happens we have to drastically reduce our footprint, we have to get rid of these outrageous C02 levels and we have to save the earth.